Operations & Maintenance Services

Remedial Operations and Maintenance

O&M has a staff of licensed wastewater treatment operators and technicians who interact with our Project Managers to provide turn-key operations and maintenance services on projects large and small.  These generally include the following:

  • Preparation of Site Plans and Manuals for: Operations & Maintenance, Health & Safety, Sampling & Analysis, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Best Management Practices, Waste Handling, etc.
  • Sampling and Analysis of Monitoring Wells, Surface Water, Sediment, Air, etc.
  • Generation of Reports and Analytical Data Packages for Agency Submittal
  • Regulatory Interaction
  • General Grounds Maintenance, including:  Fence Repairs, Erosion Repairs, Grass Cutting, Vector Control, etc.
  • Periodic Routine Inspections for Operating Performance
  • Full-Time Site/System Operations and Maintenance