About O&M

O&M, Inc. (O&M) was incorporated in 1988 as a multi-discipline environmental services company that provides technical, operational and administrative personnel and expertise in the area of site investigations, remedial system design, installation and remedial system operations and maintenance services.

O&M has an experienced staff that can efficiently and effectively manage and structure a customized solution to your project needs. O&M has both the internal and external resources to bring together the best team to complete the project requirements. O&M’s staff is made up of engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, technicians and licensed wastewater treatment operators.

O&M provides several distinct and interrelated services and areas of expertise;

    • Investigation/Assessments
    • Design/Build Remediation Systems
    • Operations & Maintenance

Combining these services allows us to develop a cost effective strategy for taking the site from assessment to closure.

O&M tailors its approach and services to each assignment contingent upon the needs of the client and the specific technical, administrative, financial and legal project objectives. O&M performs as the client’s advocate relative to interaction with the regulatory agencies, the public, other contractors, and with respect to project costs and objectives.  Our philosophy involves maintaining compliance while striving to identify opportunities to reduce long-term costs.

Based on O&M’s operational experience and lessons learned, early involvement of O&M in project activities has proven effective in designing cost effective remedial systems, reducing long term operations and maintenance costs by eliminating ineffective features and ensuring ease of maintenance, as well as specifying quality components and sound operational procedures. O&M’s technical personnel can quickly evaluate existing data and develop a strategic approach for remediation which minimizes the cost and time in completing the remedial obligations of responsible parties at the site.  Making the most of existing site data and focusing the collection of any additional data to support development of cost effective remedies are key elements of O&M’s approach to site remediation. This also provides continuity of site services, which can be crucial in high visibility project compliance.