Design Reviews & Performance Audits

There are many cost saving alternatives which may lead to lower overall cost of operating and maintaining remediation systems.  One way to identify and evaluate cost saving alternatives is to have the system independently evaluated.  This can be performed at the design stage, during construction or after operations have been initiated. O & M, Inc. has experienced personnel who will review designs, observe construction or visit a site to evaluate the system condition, review records, look at procedures, evaluate past costs, investigate and evaluate potential cost saving alternatives and produce a report documenting the evaluation. The evaluation incorporates several components:


  • Compliance evaluation regarding regulatory permitted emission/discharge limits;
  • Evaluation of the utilization capacity of the operational design;
  • Analysis of implementation of the operation/maintenance and sampling/analysis;
  • Evaluation of design for ease of maintenance, redundant or unnecessary features, component quality, and operational strategy;
  • Evaluation of the condition of the system at the time of the site visit;
  • Identification of specific problems with system/components if present;
  • Evaluation of system/component maintenance history and maintenance activities;
  • Evaluation of treatment system operational history;

Overall Assessment

  • System performance analysis;
  • Identification and discussion of technical and administrative options;
  • Cost/benefit analyses for technical and administrative options; and,
  • Recommendations for cost savings based on cost/benefit analysis.

If the system is not being operated and maintained properly or if the system could be operated more efficiently, our clients should know. A system which is not being operated and maintained properly could result in unnecessary expenditures, possible noncompliance resulting in penalties, or may even hinder the remedial process to include the ability to ultimately remediate the site.